Geological Risks During Conduction Of Exploration Works In The Uzbekistan Part Of Aral Sea.

G Abdullayev, D Turdiev


Oil and Gas industry in general and geological exploration process particularly is characterized by a number of specific peculiarities, which differit from other sectors of economy. We focused on search and identification of geological risks associated with oil drilling. During regional level risk evaluation a significant role was played by the fact that based on results of special processing of seismic materials abnormalities were discovered and these abnormalities propose the presence of hydrocarbon deposit (deposits) in the trap.Eventually, success ratio exceeded the threshold limit value more than 20 folds, i.e the risk of deposit absence was not high.Subsequent exploration of the deposit willshow industrial significance of identified deposits. It is possible that during drilling of exploration wells in Jurassic section other deposits are possible to be discovered as it occurred in Surgil deposit located in the adjacent tectonic zone (Sudochiy depression).


Oil Explorations, Geological Risks

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