Strategy of Education Development Of The Republic of Kazakhstan

Asiya Kukubaeva


This article presents the role and influence of social factors
on the development of education in Kazakhstan.
Transformation of consciousness of the people led to the
of the Kazakh people. The educational system defines a
level of formation of youth outlooks. The last is that
psychological environment within the limits of there is an
acquisition of knowledge. On the basis of interests, valuable
orientations processes of training, education and
development of a personality are carried out. Thus, the
outlook allows to integrate knowledge, defines a vital
position and spiritual shape of people. In other words,
formation, and outlook are interconnected among
themselves that speaks about an urgency of formation of
outlook in teaching and educational process. One of the
basic directions of formation is education of Kazakh
patriotism, formation of national consciousness. In
Kazakhstan purposeful work on formation of positive tolerant relations is necessary.


Development of Education, Education Systém, Social Factors, Educational Institutions, Educational Process.

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