Numerical Research Of Nonlinear Vibrations Of Isotropic Viscoelastic Plates With Variable Rigidity By The Method Of Computer Simulation

Rustam Abdikarimov


In the given work the problem about vibrations of a isotropic viscoelastic plate with  variable rigidity in  geometrically nonlinear statement is considered. With the help of Bubnov-about nonlinear vibrations of viscoelastic isotropic plate in geometrically  nonlinear  statement  on  Kirchhoff-Love’s kinematic  hypothesis,  physical  dependence  between. Galerkin method the problem is reduced to the decision of system of nonlinear ordinary integro-differential equations of Volterra’s type. The numerical method based on the use of quadrature formulas is applied for the decision of the received system at weakly singular kernel of Koltunov- Rzhanitsin’s. Influences of  viscoelastic properties of  a material, geometrical characteristics, and also dependences.



Viscoelastic Plate, Variable Thickness, Nonlinear Vibrations, Bubnov-Galerkin method, Relaxation Kernel

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Verlan A.F., Abdikarimov R.A., Eshmatov Kh.

Numerical simulation of nonlinear problems of

dynamics of viscoelastic systems with variable rigidity.

Electronic Modeling, 2010; 2(32): 3-13.



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