Zharilkassin Iskakov


The influence of viscous linear and cubic nonlinear damping of an elastic support on the resonance oscillations of a vertical rigid gyroscopic unbalanced rotor is investigated. Simulation results show that linear and cubic non-linear damping can significantly dampen the main harmonic resonant peak. In non-resonant areas where the speed is higher than the critical speed, the cubic non-linear damping can slightly dampen rotor vibration amplitude in contrast to linear damping. If linear or cubic non-linear damping increase in resonant area significantly kills capacity for absolute motion, then they have little or no influence on the capacity for absolute motion in non-resonant areas. The simulation results can be successfully used to create passive vibration isolators used in rotor machines vibration damping, including gyroscopic ones.


gyro rotor, resonant amplitude, linear damping, non-linear damping, mathematical simulation

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