The Combined Operation The Cancer Of The Rectum With Germination In Genital Organs

H Bobokulov, A Hakimov



The Purpose of the study: define the indications and contraindications to, combined operation in locally invasive tumor of the rectum.

The Material and methods of the study: we have analysed results combined operation in cancer of the rectum with germination in genital organs, performed in department of coloproctology in National Oncological Scientific centre during 2005-2009 years.

Under observation were 118 women at age from 21 to 68 years.      This before 45 years - 26 patients, from 46 to 59 years - 54 patients, 60 and above years.

The Results and their discussion: Postoperative complications suppurative-inflammatory character appeared beside 36 patients (30,5%), most of all after abdomeno - perineal extirpation of rectum (35,5%) and abdominoanal resection of the rectum (33,3%). In lesser extend after front resection of the rectum and after operation Hartman (28,5% and 22,7%).

The General lethality has formed 3,4%, have died after combined operation 4 patients from 118 operated patients.

The Conclusion: thereby, brought data evident that such important factors, as frequency of the origin relapse (28%), 5-year probability of survival (37,1%), under combined interference and operation of the standard volume in the cancer of the rectum practically the same.


Cancer Of The Rectum, Combined Operations, Extended Operations

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