To The Question Of Carrying Out Of Reconstructively - Regenerative Operations At Patients With Colo- And Ileo-Stomy

T Isakulov, Sh Mamatkulov, S Rahmanov, S Matkarimov


The article analyses a surgical treatment of 506 patients taking inpatient treatment in the Center for colon proctology. All the patients underwent a comprehensive examination including radiological and tool test methods in addition to conventional clinical and laboratory ones. On the basis of the complex study, indications, volume and terms of surgery performance were determined. Performance of pre- and postoperative management of patients is substantiated in details. Postoperatively, 28 (5.5%) had postoperative wound pyesis in the region of the previous colostomy. In the postoperative period 2 (0.4%) deaths of patients were caused with peritonitis which occurred due to incompetence of anastomosis sutures. Rehabilitation of stomed patients is one of challenges in colorectal surgery. Positive results treatment can be obtained only at carrying out of a comprehensive out-patient and inpatient preoperative preparation including recommendations in diet, colostome care, hydrogymnastics of the disconnected part of the intestine and prevention of infectious complications.



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