New Technology In The Surgery Of Gastric Cancer

S Khudoyorov, S Navruzov, M Juraev, A Eshonov


Objective: To prevent the possible functional complications after gastrectomy, to improve the quality of life and the process of early rehabilitation.

Material and Methods: The study included 165 patients with gastric cancer of stage III (T3N1-2M0), which, depending on the method of recovery divided into 2 groups: Group 1 - n = 80 patients who, after an extensive gastrectomy had reservoir formed, II group - n = 85 patients who had gastrectomy performed without forming a reservoir.

Results: There were no incidence of reflux esophagitis and dumping syndrome observed in the main group, while in the control group, these complications were respectively 61.2% and 25.8%. Weight gain in the main group was observed in 83.7% of patients, in the control group in 4.7%. Assessment of physical activity on the Karnovsky scale in the study group was 85.0%, while 62.0% in the control group.

Within 3 months, physical rehabilitation was observed in 90.0% of patients of the main group, while in the control group it was 25.7%.

Three-year survival rate in the main group was 71.4+0.4%, while in the control group, 57.2+0.3% (P> 0.05).

Conclusions: Creation of a stomach replacing reservoir after gastrectomy is adequate way in ridding patients from possible complications.

Method improves the quality of life, the process of early recovery and significantly increases the indices of 3-year survival. 



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