Conservative Therapy Of Inflammatory Diseases Of Large Intenstine

S Matkarimov, A Rustamov, S Rahmonov


The target of research was the implementation of the comparative analysis of conservative therapy of preparation of basic therapy and also new methods of treatment (anticytokine therapy). Appointment of salofalk  - in twos  tablets  (0, 5) 3-4 times a day per os, and also 2,0 gr in the form of a rectal enema unitary for a period of seven days, then had  transferd the patients to reception 2,0 gr salofalk  per os, allowed  to achieve substantial improvement patients’ clinic-laboratory and endoscopic symptoms   with a heavy intensification of ulcer colitis variation, providing full clinic-labaratory remissions  achievements  of disease at  8 (34 %) patients. In the Minister of  the Uzbek Public Health of  the  Republican  Science Coloproctological  Center at 10 patients with  the IDI   have  spent  the therapy  remicade, 7 of them had NUC and 3 patients had the Crohn's disease.  Therefore, all patients no longer than on the first  week after introduction of remicade had improvement of a course disease which was expressed in defering  stool, extinction or reduction of pathological impurity in excrement and subsidence bellyaches. During colonoscopical inspection, in 12-18 weeks after the first infusion at 80% of the patients had observed disappearance of ulcers and erosion. In terms of   6 months of supervision of relapse of disease was not noted. All new directions in treatment of the IDI, apparently, are perspective, but while are proved only theoretically and had no practical development. Unique and enough effective and safe method at the IDI and already has clinical acknowledgement is remicade. 


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