The Disease Girshprunga Beside Adult: Modern Approaches To Diagnostics, Treatment.

M Mirzahmedov, M Ahmedov, D Sapaev


The Material of the study has formed 78 sick, found on stationary treatment in Republican Scientific Centre Coloproktologii since 1992 on 2010. As it is seen, from table, from 78 sick mans was 58(74,3%), womans 20(25,7%).  19(24,3), sick were at age from 15 before 20 years, 49(60,2%) at age from 21 before 40 years and 13 (16,6%) sick from 41 before 60 years.         The Main complaint sick at arrival were a stubborn constipations, which noted beside 70 (89,7%) sick, including absence of the independent chair existed - beside 55(70,5%), but beside 54(69,2%) sick were noted periodic stomachache, growing on measure of the absence of the chair. The Ballooned belly existed beside all 78 (100%) sick moreover beside 20(25,6%) of them flatulence was constant. The Sickness and retching existed beside 24(30,7%), weakness, reduction to capacity to work beside 52(66,6%), increasing of the temperature of the body beside 10(12,8%), paradoxical diarrhoeas beside 6(7,6%) sick. Endoskopicheskiy method (rectoromonoscopy, colonoscopy) turned out to be else less informations - 51,8% coincidences of the diagnosis. So we biopsy on Svensonu executed beside all sick, entered with suspicion on disease Girshprunga. In our observations from 78 sick beside 42(53,8,1%) were aboveanalni, beside 20(25,6%) sick - rectalis, beside 13(16,6%)- rectosigmoideys , beside 2(2,5%) leftside and beside 1(1,2%) sick - subtotalis  form hipoganglios. At biopsies on Svensonu on observations, from 78 sick, beside 44(56,4%) is revealled hipoganglios, but beside 35(44,8%) - аganglios rectum. As can be seen from presented tables, from 78 sick beside 68(87,2%) us is executed onemoments radical operation, 10(12,8%) sick is as far as possible made resection hipo- or aganglionarnaya of the zone, decompensate part of the large intestine and is formed colostomy. In all events at operations. The Remote results executed radical operation on cause disease Girshprunga прослежены from 1 before 10 years beside 57(73%) sick. The Results of the surgical treatment were valued on scale Vezika: good, satisfactory and unsatisfactory.  In our observations beside 46(80,7%) sick results came in well, beside 10(17,5%) - satisfactory and beside 1(1,8%) sick was an unsatisfactory result. 


Hipoganglios, Aganglios,Megarectum, Disease Girshprunga Summary

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