Diagnostics And Choice Of Treatment Approach In Colic Polyps And Polyposis

D Sapaev, S Navruzov, S Rakhmanov, O Kurbonov, M Mirzakhmedov


Colonic polyps and polyposis are studied in 183 patients. It has been found, that sensitivity of rectoscopy is 66.7%, irrigoscopy – 61.1%, virtual colonoscopy computer-aided tomography of colon (VCCATC) – 79.1%. Endoscopic polypectomy was the main treatment method used in patents with colonic polyps and polyposis (18.6%). In cases of surgical treatment (57.9%) – in patients with total involvement of colon - colproctectomy with formation of ileal reservoir can be considered as the method of choice.



Colonic Polyps And Polyposis, Colonoscopy, Virtual Colonoscopy.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12955/emhpj.v1i0.333


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