Preliminary Study Results Of Multiple Drug Resistance In Patients With Advanced Types Of Colorectal Cancer

S Navruzov, S Abdujapparov, D Pulatov, H Islamov, Sh Matniyazova, E Akbarov


In the department of coloproctology of NORC MH RUz 17 patients with disseminated forms of colorectal cancer was made the study of oncogenes and complex treatment by 2 protocols using FOLFOX-4 regime and FOLFIRI regime. In second protocol there used 2 sessions of endolymphatical polychemotherapy FOLFOX-4 regime against EHF-hyperthermia. All patients were performed additional investigations directed to study the presence of multiple drug resistance in them where definition of р53, bcl-2 oncogene expression. In our observations we followed resistance to FOLFOX-4 scheme in 4 patients, and to FOLFIRI scheme in 2 cases. In our studies hyperexpression of oncoproteine  р53 was correlated with the effect of conducted therapy whereas hyperexpression of oncoproteine bcl-2 showed therapy resistance.



Colorectal Cancer, Multiple Drug Resistance, (Mdr) Oncogenes Р53, Bcl-2

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