Morphological Characteristics Of Lungs In The Dynamics Of Development Of A New Experimental Model Of Surgical Sepsis

Yorkin Azizov, Alisher Ohunov


This is an experimental study of lung morphology in modeling sepsis on a background of severe purulent-inflammatory disease of soft tissues (necrotizing fasciitis) by original authors’ method. The study showed that early stages of sepsis (1-3 days) were characterized by manifestations of changes in lung tissue as vascular response, in the second period (the 7th day) by appearance and growth of non-obstructive microatelectases, whereas the third period (the 14th day) was characterized by progression of purulent-necrotic processes in soft tissues, development of surgical sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome. These changes in morphological structure of lung tissue are specific for generalized septic process and consequences of necrotizing fasciitis with its septic complication.


Surgical Sepsis, Generalization Of Infection, Pulmonary Atelectasis, Endothelial Damage.

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