Transcutaneous Serdev Suture For Buttock’s Lift

Nikolay Serdev


This article presents the author's technique and experience in the treatment of the flaccid "unhappy buttock" form with his surgical procedure of buttock lift by suture, without incision scars. The author first presented this new operation technique on a national level at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the National Bulgarian Society for Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Sofia on March 18, 1994 [1] and internationally at many scientific meetings over the world [2, 3, 4…]. The result is a visual change in the buttock position to a higher one, which elongates the lower limbs and changes the proportions between lower and upper half of the body. The aim of this study is to describe a mini-invasive procedure of beautification of the buttock form without scars by creating a lifting effect on the buttock's subcutaneous tissue, using a suture that takes the inferiorly positioned deep fibrose tissue and fixes it upwards to the sacro-cutaneous fascia, discovered by the author. Aesthetic and technical considerations required properly sculpting the buttocks into a higher position, demonstrating nicely rounded form. Preoperative shape is discussed and patient evaluations, operative techniques, postoperative management and results after 4 years of experience are emphasized. 1032 female patients, and 26 male patients aged 18-62 years, with ptosis and cellulite on the buttocks were treated since 1993 on an outpatient basis by the "Serdev suture technique without visible scars". Important instrumentarium is a long, curved, elastic needle and Polycon semi-elastic Bulgarian antimicrobial polycaproamide long term (in 2 years) absorbable surgical threads Polycon, produced in Bulgaria. This operation has been performed either alone or after ultrasonic assisted liposculpture (UAL) that reduces the amount of fat and heaviness. All patients reported a high degree of satisfaction. A stable improvement in the buttock position and form was observed for the period described. In the postoperative period the complication rate was minimal and resolved in the first 4-5 days post operative period. The skin puncture in the perianal zone makes antibiotic prophylaxis obligatory as well as a strict follow up for the first 7 days. Some pain in the sitting position was observed for at least 5 to 10 days, but all other social and professional duties and activities were possible. This outpatient procedure is effective in the correction of buttock laxity and ptosis and creates a new form, universally accepted as "happy buttocks".


Serdev Suture, Buttock’s lift, Serdev needles, Semi-elastic Polycon thread

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