Locus Of Control - Predictor Of Health And Subjective Well – Being

Svetlana Popova


The article presents results of a study of the relationship 'locus of control - health and subjective well-being. In a heterogeneous sample (N = 239) in the stage of youth (19-30 years) shall be established: locus of control determines 11.56% of the changes in the assessment of health, changes in health contribute to 12.82% of the variation in assessment of happiness and 6.10% in the measurement of life satisfaction. Young people with an internal locus of control are healthier, happier and more satisfied with their lives than those with an external locus of control. In a study of cause - effect relationship is established that internal locus of control determines a healthier lifestyle. Inadequate health care, more severe risk factors (stress, unhealthy diet, inadequate sleep, smoking) among young people with an external locus of control, outline prospects for greater vulnerability of this group of the population of the so called "Diseases of modern society." Most preferred activities of young people beneficial to their health are: walking, relaxation, hobbies and sports, and this is the way to state "flow" (activity of happiness) and highlights the positive experiences in health.



Locus of control , Health , Subjective well-being , Young people , Flow

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