Human Health Resources In Kazakhstan

Aikan Аkanov, Тilek Меimanaliev, Аizhan Кyzayeva, Ainur Кumar, Gulzhakhan Kashafutdinova


We have analyzed human resources in healthcare of Kazakhstan over 1985-2011, and determined general trends and regularities. By the level of provision with physicians, Kazakhstan ranks as one of the leaders in the world, at the same time there have been a deficit of physicians in the Republic over the last 20 years, particularly in rural areas. As per its regions, there is an irregularity in the physicians provision rate: the most part of specialists is concentrated in cities – Almaty and Astana, there is a deficit of physicians in the Almaty, Коstanai, North-Kazakhstan and Jambyl Oblasts. The effective use of human resources will enable to optimize expenditure for the public health and to improve the medical service quality.

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