Peculiarities Of Hepatobiliary System Functioning Depending On The Severity Of Preeclampsia

Vasily Vasilievich Simrok, Tatyana Fyodorovna Koryavaya


The article presents results of peculiarities of the hepatobiliary system in pregnant women with preeclampsia. It is set in the pregnant with preeclampsia of mild severity the frequency and combination of two and more complaints was reliably lower comparing to the frequency and combination of complaints in the pregnant with preeclampsia of mean severity. It must be mentioned that the received laboratory data positively correlated with the clinical manifestations of hepatobiliary dysfunction and the level of severity of preeclampsia that makes the further scientific researches necessary in future. Among the ultrasound signs of the dysfunction of the hepatobiliary system the following were detected: hepatomegaly, diffuse changes in the liver, increasing the density of the gallbladder against the decrease in contractility of the formation of sludge. 


Pregnancy, Preeclampsia, Pathology Of The Hepatobiliary System.

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