Elena Komarova, Borys Rebrov


Aldosterone blocker – Spironolactone has anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-oxidative effects, that is why pathogenetically it is expedient to use it in complex therapy of rheumatoid arthritis.

Material and methods: 46 patients with RA took 25-50 mg/day of Spironolactone during 12 months as an addition to standard therapy, the comparison group consisted of 47 patients that got only standard therapy, all the patients were fully examined prior and post the treatment.

Results: complex RA therapy leads to improved VAS, HAQ, the antioxidative potential index F; decreased blood concentrations of TNF-α, ICAM-1, FGF and VEGF in contrast to standard therapy. Complex therapy made reduced the DAS 28 more > 0.6.

Conclusions: applying of Spironolactone in complex therapy of rheumatoid arthritis contributes to more pronounced improvement in indices of articular syndrome and patient’s life quality, reduce of anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and angiogenic cytokines, and more effectively reduces the activity of the disease comparing to standard therapy.


Rheumatoid arthritis, Aldosterone, Spironolactone, Activity of disease.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12955/emhpj.v7i1.428


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