Mirzoulugbek Mirsaydullaev, Nematjon Mamasaliev


Background: The data on the prevalence of arterial hypertension (AH) in patients with HIV/AIDS vary. Even though some authors have reported higher prevalence of high blood pressure  and systemic arterial hypertension in this group, compared to the prevalence of AH in subjects without infection, other studies have found similar prevalence of AH between men and women with HIV and individuals without the infection. In Uzbekistan such researches were not conducted yet.

Objective: Evaluate the prevalence of prevalence of arterial hypertension and its risk factors at the HIV-positive persons of Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.

Methods:  A cross-sectional study aligned to a cohort of patients with HIV/AIDS. The study considered hypertension at levels ≥ 140/90 mmHg or use of antihypertensive drugs and pre-hypertension at levels > 120/80 mmHg.

Results: Out of this total, 138 patients (48%) were male and 149 were female (52%); 65% of them were 40 years-old or younger, and other 35% were over 40 years of age. Among the individuals evaluated, 184 (64.1%) had blood pressure within the normal range, 62 (21.6%) were considered prehypertensive, and 41 (14.3%) were considered hypertensive. Twenty five patients (61%) knew they had hypertension, and 9 of them (36.0%) used antihypertensive medication on a continuous basis. The blood pressure levels were controlled in only 5 (20.0%) patients that knew that they were hypertensive.

Conclusion: Among HIV-infected persons, 21.6% were considered prehypertensive, and 14.3% were considered hypertensive. It is important to warn clinicians who provide care to HIV/AIDS patients that such patients are not only individuals infected with a potentially fatal virus, but, despite the benefit of new antiretroviral therapies, they are also patients whose prognosis may be affected by comorbidities, such as hypertension.


arterial hypertension, HIV-positive persons, risk factors.

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